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Website Monitoring

How Yup It's Up monitors websites

Yup It's Up is a website monitoring device that can be used to check websites. Yup It's Up will notify you, via SMS text and/or e-mail, of any problems that may arise.

Yup It's Up works great for all websites, large and small. Our service can be particularly helpful for websites that have blogs, shopping carts or other interactive applications. Not only can you make sure that your website is up and running, but specific parts of your website can also be monitored. For example, if your shopping cart software, for some reason, is not able to connect to its database, Yup It's Up can detect that there is a problem and notify you. This issue could otherwise take hours until you or your staff are notified by website visitors or happen to notice yourself. Yup It's Up can be a great tool to make sure critical website applications are up and running.

Never let your audience miss a chance to get the information they need or make a purchase!

Key features include:

  • Monitor individual pages on your website
  • Check for specific text on monitored pages
  • Check SSL secured websites or pages
  • Check SSL certification expiration

Our website performance management tool will enable you to set-up one, or multiple monitors, giving you full control of your company's overall online presence.

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Great for lighter monitoring!

  • 25 monitors
  • 30 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts

Lots to monitor? No problem.

  • 100 monitors
  • 10 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
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