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Internet Marketing Companies

Using Yup It's Up for Monitoring Internet Marketing Clients

One would initially not consider an internet marketing company as a type of business that would need network and website monitoring, considering that they are typically very cutting-edge. However, it is surprising just how useful this type of service truly is for their business.

Internet Marketing has become a huge technology break-through for the marketing industry. This field has tapped into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, email campaigns and many other mediums. So if this area is so advanced, why do they need a network and website monitoring service? Internet marketing companies work closely with their clients and typically have several that they deal with on a weekly basis. Even though an internet marketing company may be in control of a client's website as far as driving traffic, they are not necessarily thinking of the mechanics or logistics of that site.

Let's imagine that your client has an online boutique to capture their target market from all over the country. As a business and website owner, they depend very much on the traffic and profit the site brings. In turn, you are also relying on these very same elements in order to maintain your business relationship with your client. What if a potential customer enters the boutique's website and starts browsing. She then finds a beautiful dress she wants to purchase but for some reason, the shopping cart function has stopped working and she cannot check out. Your client has not only just lost a sale, but a returning customer as well.

Another issue that has been a problem with shopping online is security. Nothing is worse than entering a website, purchasing something, and about a month later, your credit card statement has a $200 purchase from a McDonalds in Brazil. Many websites are not secure and information can be easily stolen by others. If a customer has purchased something from a website and in return, this type of scenario has taken place, more than likely they are not going to visit that site again.

Don't allow this to happen to your clients! After all, if thier customers are happy, they are happy, and if your client is happy, so are's a win/win/win situation. Yup It's Up website and network monitoring solutions are designed to prevent these problems from occurring. You will be instantly notified via email and/or SMS text when a problem arises so that issues can be resolved as soon as possible! Website monitoring will protect your clients and their customers as well as ensuring that everything is functioning properly.

Choose a plan below to get started!

Great for lighter monitoring!

  • 25 monitors
  • 30 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts

Lots to monitor? No problem.

  • 100 monitors
  • 10 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
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