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Monitoring your Network

What is network monitoring?

In a nutshell, Yup It's Up keeps an eye on all of the equipment in your network (hotspot) and makes sure all is well. If a hotspot has a website, Yup It's Up can monitor the website as well.

If anything that you are monitoring stops working or becomes really slow, Yup It's Up will alert you via email, SMS (text) message, or both.

Why is network monitoring important?

Using Yup It's Up saves money and improves customer satisfaction. There are many scenarios that demonstrate this. Here's one:

Instead of customers contacting technical support when access point equipment is down, you could be notified of the problem by Yup It's Up and fix it before it is noticed. This would both save money in technical support costs and increase customer satisfaction with the company which provided Internet access that worked right away.

What kinds of monitors are there?

Yup It's Up provides the tools to monitor your entire network.


This monitor works great for monitoring websites and equipment that is directly connected to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as a modem. PING can be used for any equipment that has a static IP address. Usually, equipment behind the modem does not have a static IP address assigned and require checks to be made through HTTP or SNMP instead of PING.


Most network equipment produced today has a web accessible administration panel used for configuring and controlling the device. Equipment behind the modem such as a firewall or access point can be monitored via HTTP.


Some networking equipment behind the modem, such as a switch, can only be monitored via SNMP. With the help of port forwarding, any networking equipment may be monitored through SNMP - even if it cannot be reached with PING or HTTP.

Why Yup It's Up?

As a monitoring service, Yup It's Up requires no capital investment, software installation or software maintenance. Yup It's Up does all this work for you and also provides graphing and historical analysis tools to provide a global perspective of your network equipment!

Sound like a good solution? Ready to get started? Click a plan below!

Great for lighter monitoring!

  • 25 monitors
  • 30 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts

Lots to monitor? No problem.

  • 100 monitors
  • 10 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
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