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Hotel Network Monitoring

Hotels that offer Wifi to their guests are a fast-growing trend. Everyone enjoys it. From the business-man who needs to prepare for a big presentation the next day, to the kids that need to check for Facebook updates, Wifi is something that is greatly desired by a large spectrum of people.

Hotel guests greatly appreciate the convenience of having a Wifi connection in their room. Rather than having to plug your computer into the jack at the desk in the corner of the room, Wifi enables guests to explore the Internet without having to be connected to the wall.

Now consider what would happen if this Internet connection were to go down. Let's look at a real-life scenario:

A businessman checks into your hotel. He already had a long flight and still needs to prep for his presentation the next day. By the time he is settled into his room, he opens up his laptop to start doing some work. After several failed attempts to connect to the free Wifi offered by the hotel, he finally gives up and calls the front desk. The worker at the front desk must then contact the network manager, or hotel manager, to get the connection reestablished.

It turns out that an access point was down on the floor that the business man was staying on. By the time the access point is up and running again, the business man in the room becomes increasingly frustrated. Due to this frustration, he begins to form negative opinions of your hotel, all because a single access point was down! He gets frustrated to the point where he tells himself "This is the last time I reserve a room at this hotel again!" This is a situation that occurs far too often, and can be prevented if the hotel had a network monitoring system.

Yup It's Up is a network monitoring solution designed to prevent this situation from occurring. If there is ever a problem with your network at your hotel, authorized users are notified via e-mail and/or SMS text that there is a problem. These users can then act immediately to resolve the issue, often before guests even notice.

Sound like a good solution? Ready to get started? Click a plan below!

Great for lighter monitoring!

  • 25 monitors
  • 30 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts

Lots to monitor? No problem.

  • 100 monitors
  • 10 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
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