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Coffee Shops

Using Yup It's Up for Coffee Shop Internet Monitoring

I think we can all agree that coffee shops that offer public Wifi has been a dream come true for coffee-junkies, entrepreneurs, and Internet addicts. However, every dream has a correlating nightmare... What happens when the Internet connection goes down? The answer... unhappy customers who are in dire need of Internet access! So much, in fact, that they are willing to shut down their lap-top and take their business to the Internet cafe down the street.

What does this mean for the coffee shop owner? A loss of revenue for starters...

Let's imagine that a frequent visitor to your shop is in the middle of doing some important research, and your Wifi connection disconnects. The disgruntled computer guru may use this time to grab a cup of coffee or use the restroom, but when he returns, he is fully expecting his Internet connection to be reestablished.

But, what if none of the baristas are able to restore the connection themselves? It could take them 10 - 30 minutes before they even realize the network is down. Once they realize what is happening, they need to contact the network manager in hopes of getting the network up and running again. By the time the issue is resolved, there's a good chance some customers left with a bad taste in their mouth (not from the coffee).

Don't let this happen at your coffee cafe! Yup It's Up network monitoring solution is designed to prevent this from ever occurring! Coffee shop owners, network managers, and other authorized users are instantly notified via SMS text and/or e-mailed whenever there is a problem within their network, allowing them to fix the problem immediately.

Take control of your Wifi access points at your coffee shop. Choose a plan below to get started!

Great for lighter monitoring!

  • 25 monitors
  • 30 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts

Lots to monitor? No problem.

  • 100 monitors
  • 10 minute checks
  • Uptime graphing
  • Monitoring history
  • Unlimited Email alerts
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
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